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Youngs Animal Feeds

In 2001 Youngs Animal Feeds merged with Dollin Morris resulting in a single company with excellent combined experiences of both the manufacturing and distribution of animal feed. As part of Wynnstay Group, they manufacture equine and small animal feeds and acts as a distributor of products to the equine market through wholesalers and retailers in the West of the UK.

Recently all manufacturing has been centralised at our Standon Mill site. Rurally located, a mill has stood at Standon for many centuries, in fact the Doomsday Book records one at this site. Originally water powered, the mill houses many different mixers. Behind this old facade there is a modern mixing lines.

A brand new state of the art fibre mill was opened in 2006 ensuring that our manufacturing process is as up to date as possible.

All feed is made to set recipes designed to meet the nutritional requirements of the animal it is intended for. Youngs Animal Feeds pride themselves on using natural fresh raw materials and feeds are made on a 'just-in-time' basis so it remains as fresh as possible on despatch from site. Quality is an important issue and we are constantly striving to improve both our plant and manufacturing processes.

We are pleased to have become part of the UFAS Feed Assurance scheme (Reg. No. 137) certified on 7th July 1999.

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