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New member of the Wynnstay Poultry Team


Steve Marriott has joined the Wynnstay Poultry Team, bringing with him a wealth of experience in pullet rearing and breed genetics, and an extensive knowledge of the industry.

Steve has worked in the poultry sector for 47 years and is passionate about providing technical support for customers and offering guidance to help optimise bird performance.  

Steve’s new role will include technical support on feed, while also drawing on his experience in pullet rearing and breed genetics, to provide tailored advice to customers which takes all relevant factors into account.

Steve will be visiting farms regular to allow him to get to know the flocks by monitoring performance indicators such as growth, feed intake and egg weight. This information can be used to identify trends, and provides an early indication if anything isn’t quite right. It can also be used to advise on strategies to enhance performance, both for current and subsequent flocks.  

Steve believe that the ticket to quality eggs is in the birds, and his years in the industry have made it clear that feed is integral to bird performance, and is excited to join the Wynnstay Poultry Team who put this in the centre.

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