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Risk Management Statement

Principal Risks and Uncertainties


The Group aims to mitigate the risks it faces as we seek to create sustainable growth over the medium to long-term by adopting an approach that is appropriate to the business activities being conducted and the scale of the enterprise. The Board retain overall responsibility for reviewing risk management strategies and this statement provides information about the exposure to the main identified risks and the controls in place to mitigate against these issues. The executive directors work closely with the non-executive directors who provide oversight and scrutiny in this area to ensure that risk management is appropriately aligned with commercial strategy. During the year the Board reviewed and updated their risk register which is regularly considered for changing circumstances.

In all businesses, there are some risks and uncertainties which are not able to be fully controlled. The table below sets out the principal risks and uncertainties which could have a material impact on the Group, the list is not exhaustive, and it is possible that there will be other risks or uncertainties that could have a material adverse impact. Whilst all companies are subject to some financial risk, the Group continues to have a strong balance sheet and low gearing which are priorities for the Board.