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The History of Wynnstay Group PLC

1916 -  Sir Watkin Williams-Wynn and the landowners called a meeting in Llanfechain to gauge the feeling of the farming community at the time, and following this a representative from each estate joined to create a committee of 12 people who would go on to form a farmers co-operative

1917 - Llanfyllin district landowners, Sir Watkin Williams-Wynn, Miss Lomax, Miss Dugdale, General Sandbach and Miss Perrott, whose family is still farming to this day in the village of Llansantffraid, brought together their tenants to discuss the formation of a farmers co-operative

1917 - Wynnstay founded as a farmers co-operative.

1918 - First General Manager of the Society appointed, Mr Joseph Henry Dowle

1918 - The farmers cooperative was formed and a committee of 12 farmers from the Mechain area appointed Mr Joseph Henry Dowle as the First General Manager

1922 - First official depot located at Llansantffraid to group together animal feed sourced from Liverpool

1922 - Society begins to sell coal

1928 - Plans are developed for a mill for the Wynnstay Farmers Association to grind their own animal meals

1931 - Wynnstay's first mill opens in Llansantffraid

1939 - Announced that Wynnstay's balanced rations can now be supplied in cubes

1942 -  A seed cleaning plant is established, along with machinery for grinding limestone

1943 - Old Brewery at Llansantffriad was purchased and used as a seed cleaning station and warehouse

1943 - Wynnstay Farmers Association Silver Jubilee

1943 - 1950 - Presidency of Major W.M Dugdale D.S.O

1944 - Grass Drying and Agricultural Services started operating from Hendomen, Montgomeryshire

1950 - 1959 - Presidency of Evan Hughes J.P

1955 - Wynnstay Farmers Association and Montgomeryshire Farmers Association were amalgamated

1956 - West Midland Egg Packing Station at Newtown was acquired

1957 - Mr J.H. Dowle retires, J.L. Ferguson takes up the position of the new General Manager

1958 - 1970 - Presidency of Mr E.R. Morris J.P

1959 - Freehold of the mill at Llansantffraid purchased

1959 - Contract is given to the North Western Farmers Building Department to build a large square tower which later contained bulk unloaded bins

1959 - Formation of the Wynnstay Filling Station Limited on Llanidloes Road, Newtown

1962 - Mr J.I.Ferguson resigns, Mr J.R Owen was appointed as General Manager

1963 - Society becomes Wynnstay and Montgomeryshire Farmers Limited, a board of directors is appointed and an advisory committee initiated

1963 - Wynnstay Quality Weaner Group and Wynnstay Quality Egg Group founded

1966 - Remainder of disused railway station at Llansantffraid purchased for development

1968 - Wynnstay Filling Station closed

1968 - Societies Golden Jubilee

1969 - Newtown Egg Packing Station is closed

1969 - A joint working party is set up with the C.W.S Agricultural Milling Group to start manufacturing feed stuffs at Llansantffraid

1969 - Mr E.R. Morris retires from presidency

1970-1974 - Presidency of Major J.E.M. Dugdale

1970 - New weighbridge was installed at Llansantffraid

1970 - Coal section of the Society sold to Messers. Pickstock of Meifod

1973 - New mill is officially opened by the Secretary of State for Wales

1974 - 1981 - Presidency of Mr W.R. Morris 

1974 - Expansion of bulk out loading storage facilities

1975 - Eagle House purchased in Llansantffraid along with Tan Yard Farm

1979 - Contracts placed for development of the Mill plant, a Maintenance Garage on the Tan Yard, extension of Eagle house for an administration center, improved IT and improvements of the packing facilities

1981 - Prince Charles visits Llansantffraid to open the refurbished mill, which was the most modern mill in Europe at the time

1985 - Fire in the mill at Llansantffraid

1987 - Shropshire Grain Farm Supplies established

1988 - Trevor Williams, Llanidloes acquired

1989 - Wynnstay and Montgomeryshire Farmers Ltd, amalgamates with Vale of Clwyd Farmers, to become Wynnstay and Clwyd Farmers

1992 - Company is amalgamated to become Wynnstay and Clwyd Farmers

1992 - Wynnstay becomes a PLC

1993 - L N Jones acquired

1995 - Joined the OFEX to provide a trading platform for its ordinary shares

1995 - Jack Jones Haulage acquired

1997 - Griffiths & Simpson acquired

1997 Shropshire Grain acquired

1998 - Orion Feeds ltd acquired

2000 - D. Nunn & Ridleys Seed acquired

2001 - Company name was changed to Wynnstay Group

2001 - Wyro set up as a joint venture with S J Roberts in the building development industry

2002 - Wrekin Seeds acquired

2003 - Eifionydd Farmers acquired

2003 - Celtic Pride brand established

2004 - Robin Williams and Son acquired

2004 - Company AIM listed

2005 - Jim Quin Animal Health acquired

2005- Carmarthen Mill bought from Dalgety in a three way joint venture involving Clynderwen Farmers, Wynnstay and Bibby Ltd

2005- Wynnstay bought 25% share in Bibby bought from Carrs Billington following Bibby Ltd collapse in July 2005 (October)

2006 - Acquisition of Glasson Grain, major agricultural trade supplier and manufacturer

2007 - Joint venture Total Angling opened in Shrewsbury

2007- First Just for Pets store opened

2007 - Wrekin Country Stores, T & M Williams, MVZ and Westhope Farm Supplies acquired. 

2008 - J Hatton Agriculture acquired

2008- Wilsons Pet Centres acquired and re-branded Just for Pets

2008- Wynnstay acquired Welsh Feed Producers and at which point had a 50% share in Bibby Ltd

2009 - Youngs Animal Feeds acquired

2010 - Woodhead Seeds acquired

2011 - C & M Transport acquired.

2011 - Wrekin Grain acquired and GrainLink formed

2011 - FertLink established.

2012 - Whitchurch Animal Health Ltd, Banbury Farm & General Supplies Ltd and PSB (Country Supplies Ltd) acquired.

2013 - Wynnstay starts trading as Wynnstay (Agricultural Supplies) Ltd as part of revised structure, managed by two directors, Mr Gareth Davies (Agriculture) and Mr Andrew Evans (Specialist Retail), with supporting divisional directors

2013 - David Davies Farm Supplies Tanygroes becomes Wynnstay Stores Tanygroes.

2013 - Carmarthen and Pumsaint Farmers acquired

2014 - Mansell Powell Supplies acquired.

2015 - Agricentre acquired

2015 - Ross Feeds acquired, S. Jones & Sons and Horti-stores acquired

2017 - Purchase of fertiliser processing facility in Montrose

2018 - M D Lloyd acquisition

2018 - Mike Hawken Agriculture Ltd acquired 

2018 - Countrywide Farmers Bridgnorth acquired

2018 - Countrywide Farmers Raglan acquired

2018 - Countrywide Farmers Thame acquired

2018 - Countrywide Farmers Crewkerne acquired

2018 - Countrywide Farmers Dartington acquired

2018 - Cornwalll Farmers Helston acquired

2018 - Cornwall Farmers Wadebridge acquired

2018 - Cornwall Farmers Otterham acquired

2019 - Stanton Farm Supplies Limited acquired