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Supporting the Customer

with Environmental and Sustainable Strategies

Wynnstay are continually exploring products and services that can support our customers in ensuring sustainable farming practices.

Here are some of the ways in which we are supporting customers with their on-farm environmental and sustainable strategies.

Raw Material Sourcing

In 2020, we introduced certified sustainable soya meal and have now expanded this so that the Group uses only certified sustainable palm kernel in all manufactured feeds. This ensures that the raw materials that we use are produced to the standards set by the Roundtable for Responsible Soya (RTRS) and Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO).


During the year we introduced a number of climate-friendly feed diets, incorporating sustainably sourced materials. We plan to launch a range of ruminant diets that will include a feed ingredient that reduces methane emissions and is endorsed by the Carbon Trust. We expect demand for our climate-friendly rations to grow strongly.

Feed Range


In March 2021, we appointed Amy Watts, Environmental Seed Product Manager to further develop our offering. We aim to offer arable and livestock farmers sustainable, environmentally-friendly seed mixtures, which include pollinators and deep-rooted herbs.

Environmental Crops

Packaging Review

We have reviewed our supplier base, compromising over 400 businesses, to identify areas for improvement in packaging. Having identified 58 areas of improvement, we are now working with suppliers to address solutions. We are also working with the supplier of all own branded products to eliminate packaging that currently goes into landfill, and to ensure that our product packaging uses at least 30% recycled materials.

Nutrient Management Solutions

Our qualified staff offer our customers expert advice on nutrient management solutions as well as appropriate products that support on-farm compliance. We advise on soil sampling, nutrient management planning, forage audits, animal health plans and faecal egg testing as well as other areas. As farmers respond to new legislation, including ELMS, which prioritises environmental concerns, we expect this aspect of what we do to become increasingly important.

Nutrient Management Planning

Sustainable Products

We continually look for opportunities to introduce sustainable and environmentally-friendly products into our range. New products that we have introduced included rainwater harvesting solutions, solar water solutions, alternatives to metal and timber, and picnic tables made from UK household waste.

Crop Packaging

Crop packaging is a sizable waste stream for our customers, and we have introduced new ranges of silage wrap and silage sheeting. These use recycled plastic material and reduce total plastic usage without
adversely affecting performance.

Crop Packing