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Internal Activities

Wynnstay only uses Certified Soyameal in ALL its feed production to the recognised FEFAC standards. This ensures that we are promoting and paying for farms in South America to be sustainably run to the standards set basis RTRS (Roundtable for Responsible Soya) or equivalent, which include within these standards no child, slave or indentured labour and Zero deforestation. We are also members of the UK Round Table for Responsible Soya and sit on the AIC Sustainability Committee.

This currently is a not either a legal necessity nor a feed requirement but is a step Wynnstay have taken as a company - we believe the first large scale producer to do so- as a contribution to the Environment and Sustainability in general.

Wynnstay is currently bagging its own produced feed in bags containing 30% recycle material. This will be increased as higher inclusion bags suitable for using with Animal feed become available from the supply chain.

As part of our focus on promoting a greener approach in agriculture, we joined LEAF (Linking Environment and Farming), a global sustainable farming organisation. As corporate members we are able to support LEAF’s initiatives and share knowledge and exchange capabilities, as well as advance Wynnstay’s commitment to community outreach.


Wynnstay joined the Green Dragon Scheme in 2018 and has maintained this certification every year since with the last audit conducted remotely due to coronavirus restrictions in November 2020. Green Dragon is an accredited scheme in which manufacturers of animal feeds are encouraged to join to minimise their environmental impact. Since joining, Wynnstay has continued to improve efficiencies in our mills and reduced emissions per tonne of manufactured feed.


In 2021, we completed a trial to evaluate a greener biodiesel blend, B20 diesel. It has been successful, and we are now planning to roll this bio percentage across the HGV fleet. We will also explore further fuel options, including B30. We also introduced hybrid-engine vehicles into our fleet and the majority of new vehicle orders for 2022 are for a hybrid engine vehicle option.